Chapter 1 Before I went to bed.

Sharon was seven she was not popular at school, she liked sewing, climbing and drawing. Sharon had a bob haircut and was a tomboy.

At school Sharon’s favourite subject was Topic. The topic this term was the Famous Five stories. In the stories there is one dog called Timmy, two girls and two boys called Annie, George, Dick and Julian.

It was the last day before the Christmas holidays it was bring your own game day. Sharon brought the board game Talisman to play and in the afternoon they watched some films. In class one they watched Rise of the Guardians, in class 2 they watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, in class 3 they watched How to Train your Dragon 2 and in class 4 they watched Goodnight Mr Tom.

It was time to go home. When Sharon got in her house she went upstairs with her stocking to hang it above the fireplace in the bathroom. Shortly after that she had tea and then she watched telly and went to bed hoping that Santa would come.


Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman

This book is an excellent book about a man who goes to buy some milk, but it’s not just a walk around the corner and back home. He meets a range of characters such as Professor Steg who is my favorite character.

Also on his way he meets a bunch of vampires, galactic space police and some pirates. They travel around to all those places in a time-travelling hot air balloon. The milk is basically the main item of the whole story. It is fortunate because they don’t lose it when the milkman goes into the pirate place and he goes in the sea. That’s probably why its called Fortunately the Milk.

When the library van came to school I was lucky that the book was on the library van.  My friend likes vampires and she is reading this book now.